Torrent Keeps City Looking Forward as the Job Isn’t Done Yet

photo from NYCFC

New York City FC are having their most successful spell under Dome Torrent’s leadership and the Spanish coach wants to make sure that the team keeps their eye on the price, MLS Cup. His team has won five of their last six games and gotten the best run of form out of Heber, Maxi Moralez and Valentin Castellanos.

“My job is to convince them how important the next game is,” said Torrent after the win in Vancouver over the weekend. “If you are not ready to fight every single war you are in trouble 100 percent. But this is my job, I am happy because they respond when we had some problems, I’m happy because look at the difference in the last 10 minutes for example, we take the ball and we pass the ball. That didn’t happen for example against Colorado.”

Torrent has been stout on his style of play in New York City, pressuring the ball but also avoiding the frantic and dogmatic approach to the press that teams like New York Red Bulls have lived and died by. The expectation is that the team will protect the ball, pass the ball and build plays from the back moving forward.

Of course, the team has benefited from finally having a striker in Heber. Early in 2019 it was a mystery as to who would provide the goals. While Alexandru Mitrita was brought in to much acclaim, he was never expected to provide the goals that the team lost through the departure of David Villa. Heber has been able to do that, having scored his 14th goal of the season over the weekend.

Still, there is worry that City relies heavily on Heber with little to no back-up in his position. Just this past weekend the Brazilian was forced out of the game due to a quad injury before the 20th minute. Much of the team’s recent performance depends on having him on the field and Torrent is awaiting a verdict on the player’s status.

“He has discomfort in his quadriceps,” said Torrent. “I don’t know, we have to check it out in New York. We have time, maybe tomorrow the doctor calls me and I don’t know what will happen. But when that happens in the 12th minute, I don’t know. But maybe we will miss the play for one month. I don’t know.”