Heber Emerges from Hell Week and Matches Expectation

photo from NYCFC

There was doubt heading into the past week over whether or not the new signing, Heber, for New York City FC was what the team actually needed. Desperately in search of a striker, the Brazilian forward seemed more like the recent signing Alexandru Mitrita than a David Villa replacement. However, two goals in three games has changed the hearts and minds of fans, as he shows just what he can do by leading the team to the seven points in seven days.

“Today was very hard because we were playing three games in one week,” said Heber who scored the game-tying goal against Orlando yesterday. “I’m so proud of my teammates because we made seven points. It’s so hard and congratulations to us.”

Since joining the starting line-up Heber has produced in each appearance. A goal and an assist in DC was followed up with a game-winning assist against Chicago. Finally, his goal to grab a share of the points against Orlando City, showed that he doesn’t just have an eye for goal but has the cool demeanor needed to come up with clutch plays in key situations. This is something the team has needed to prove since losing their star player David Villa at the end of last season.

It didn’t start particularly well for Heber who made two very brief appearances off the bench before this past week. He looked good on the ball but lacked a dynamism that was seemingly promised upon his signing. This was disconcerting due to the shoes that both he and Mitrita needed to fill and the word of his potential recovery from injury over that stretch didn’t help either. Those doubts are now cast aside after the past three games and the season seems as if it can finally begin for New York City.

“I think we deserve more,” said Heber. “Sometimes football happens like that. We keep going, working this way, I think we can make great things.”