City Approaching Elite Status with Heber and System

photo from NYCFC

New York City FC have gone from disappointment to elite status in MLS over the last month, with another dominant road victory, this time over the LA Galaxy on Saturday. The win moves them to within five points of first place with a game in-hand on the leaders. All of this coming after the team finally secured their striker Heber and found a system that has the team, according to Dome Torrent, “feeling good.”

“Right now when I see the face of our team, I know they are happy when we are playing this system,’ said Torrent after the game. “We didn’t start well, maybe we deserved more, I said many times that when you are able to win the game people don’t analyze anything. That is normal but I am a coach. I have to analyze, and I know how important it is, and how happy our fans are when we get points.”

Any analysis will indicate that the arrival of Heber has changed the team’s fortunes. The 27-year-old Brazilian has three goals and two assists in seven games. His latest was an opening effort against the Galaxy that all but sealed the contest. His placement on the field and pinpoint accuracy has given City the type of offensive threat that has relieved tension amongst the attacking midfielders and allowed the creativity to flow.

Winning is a contagious thing and City have won four of their last five with their new strategy and turned around any early season woes. On top of this, they have only suffered one loss and have proven to be a formidable road team with their third win away from Yankee Stadium.

“A key player arrived for us,” said Torrent when talking about Heber. “It is not about his scoring, it is about when you are in trouble, you can pass the ball to him and he has the quality to keep the ball, create spaces. He is a good player for us and everybody is better when he is playing.”