Player Spotlight – Tommy McNamara

Dudes in Blue Player Spotlight – Tommy McNamara

It seems as though every episode of the Dudes in Blue Podcast has some sort of conversation regarding Tommy McNamara.  Most of which is positive.  I call him the ‘team punching bag’, a guy that ‘leaves it all on the field’, even when he’s a sub.  Although his name isn’t called out too often by commentators, I thought we should give him the credit he’s due so far this season.

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The contributions Tommy McNamara has made to the season so far are nothing short of impressive when you really dive into it.  The 25 year old midfielder wearing number 15 seems to have found himself a home in NYCFC’s starting XI under Patrick Vieira, and for good reason.

Offensive Contributions

Tommy McNamara currently leads the team in assists with a total of 4 over 10 matches played.  Furthermore, since making the switch over to Left Forward, Tommy has made 3 assists out of 4 matches played, while only having 1 assist out of 3 matches played as a Central Midfielder.  Making the case for keeping him where he is as one of the starting forwards.


T-Mac has surprised us with his passing ability.  McNamara has completed 81% of his passes and is currently 5th in the squad, currently ahead of the Maestro, Andrea Pirlo.  This is a stat that should be celebrated for Tommy and with hopes, will continue to flourish.


Finally, the goals.  While only having 2 goals on the season, Tommy McNamara’s goals are nothing short of impressive.  His first goal of the season made headlines as the 1st Goal of the 2016 MLS Season!  Not to mention it was a beautiful shot from outside the box in the season opener against Chicago Fire.

His second goal came at home against the New England Revolution.  David Villa’s shot rebounded off the crossbar and McNamara was in the right place at the right time to finish it off with a header.  This goal earned him the MLS Goal of the week spot in Week 4.


Tommy McNamara is one of those players that seems to fly under the radar.  However, once we look under the microscope, or even at highlights, he stands out as one of the hardest working players on NYCFC’s squad.  McNamara has even been noticed by the Ireland National Team for his abilities.  Whether it’s his offensive prowess, his ‘stick-to-itiveness’, or even what he does off the field, aka Giant Jenga, Tommy McNamara is a player you don’t want to ignore this season.



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