Episode 80 – Bye Felicia

Yes, we did it. We finished 2nd in the Eastern Conference by the skin of our teeth and a wonder goal by a little Italian man.

Welcome to Episode 80 of the Dudes in Blue. So much to go over with you this week, starting with our gracious hosts, Citi Field. So we naturally talk about our home away from home. After the field talk, we then talk about what happened on the field. An overall decent performance from NYCFC with minor lineup changes, which worked for the better.

Since we know where we all stand, we naturally discuss our potential conference quarterfinal matchup in a couple weeks, and relish in the fact we don’t need to stress over a knockout round.

Finally, a little Pirlo talk, and the reports surrounding MCFC’s Yaya Toure and his potential move to NYCFC in the winter.

Stick around for this one. It’s a good one! Stay Blue!

David Villa Dab Photo Credit: NYCFC



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