Episode 79 – Clear And Obvious Disaster

The doctors are in. Time for NYCFC therapy with Dudes in Blue Episode 79.

It was a clear and obvious disaster of a match in Foxborough this weekend as NYCFC failed, once again, to clinch the coveted 2 seed in the East. After an uneventful 26 minutes a blow to the squad in a red card to Jack Harrison sent NYCFC spiraling downward, and we break down our thoughts on what happened.

We then have to look forward to the final home match of the season, which holds the fate of NYCFC’s playoff schedule tightly. We try and figure out who to play with a now suspended Jack Harrison, try and figure out where Jonathan Lewis is, and come to the realization that we have ZERO confidence in our squad and coach.

Hold on ladies and gentlemen. Episode 79 is a roller coaster.



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