Episode 42 – Reunited and it Feels So Good

There are a lot of reunions happening this week.  Saunders and Kreis. Rob, our unpaid cheesy voice guy. Us and Nick Chavez! And we cover them all on Dudes in Blue Episode 42!

We’ve got a huge episode for you this week.  Saunders is officially traded to Orlando.  I wonder what we’ll have to say about that. We cover the recent news and rumors of the two Alexanders (sounds like a rock band).  Then Nick Chavez joins us to discuss the recent acquisitions and the state of the youth in the NYCFC club.

Finally, we reveal the Week 1 Winner of #ComeOnYouDudesInBlue!  Yes, someone has won a pair of tickets to the NYCFC home opener and you can, too!  Just listen in to find out how this week!



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